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Infra: Understanding Lighting

  • A 3 lesson course delivering methods of describing and explaining the lighting
  • Assignment
  • Quiz

Infra: Costume

A 2 lesson course on describing and explaining Moritz Junge’s costumes.

2 homework assignments

Artificial Things Set Design

A 2 lesson course on describing and explaining Anna Jones’ set design.

2 homework assignments

1 quiz.

A Linha Curva: Costume

  • A 2 lesson course on describing and explaining costume.
  • 2 homework assignments
  • 1 quiz

A Linha Curva: Homework Tasks

6 homework tasks with password protected teacher mark schemes

  1. Liris & Adage – Motif & Development
  2. Stimulus, Style & Movement
  3. Skills
  4. Lighting
  5. Set
  6. Accompaniment

NEW! Emancipation of Expressionism Costume

  • A 2 lesson course on description and explanation.
  • 2 homework assignments.

NEW!  Emancipation of Expressionism

Stimulus, Movement Style & Motif

  • A 3 lesson course on describing all 3 areas and explaining how they link together.
  • 1 quiz
  • 1 homework assignment

Coming in February

Emancipation of Expressionism: Video Course, movement style

Tutorial videos breaking down Ninja Slide, Krumping and more.


Coming in March

The Anthology Colouring Book

Covering all 6 Anthology Works

Set, Costume & Lighting