Subscriptions are now open for the academic year 2017/18.

The subscription lasts until the end of the academic year 2018 and allows all students within your cohort to access all courses in the hub.

As we are approaching the end of this academic year, subscription is now reduced from £10 to £5 per student for June and July. We appreciate that you may wish parents to pay for their child’s hub subscription and so we have drafted a letter in word format, that you can amend as you wish. To download the letter, please click letter to parents 2017 2018


Can I just sign myself [teacher] up?

Yes, but a single subscription will only give you access to 2 courses: Infra, Understanding Lighting and Artificial Things, Set. The only way to access the entire hub is if you subscribe your cohort.

What will my students be able to access?

Currently 20 courses are available with more being written all the time.

Can I monitor their learning?

Yes. When you subscribe, you will have access to your own user dashboard where you will be able to

  • monitor which tasks your students have completed
  • view their quiz results
  • download their assignments

Do you mark my students’ work, like in Mark Up?

No. This is an entirely different resource. You are in control of your students’ marking.

However, mark schemes are provided in a password protected area of the hub.